Beaver Butt comic collection vol. 1 BEAVER BUTT COMIC COLLECTION VOLUME ONE
 Stronger In More Ways Than One!

Hey everyone! Look what just came in the mailbox!  Straight from the printers! The new Beaver Butt comic collection Vol. 1!

I took a few pictures of the book just so you could take a look at it.

This is the 1st collection of Beaver Butt comics rightfully entitled, “Stronger In More Ways Than One!” Staring of course – Beaver Butt! Who’s on the front cover showing off his muscular muscles while burping and belching and giving out a stinky strong toot.

I’ll be selling this new paperback book collection right here on the website. So if you get an urge to laugh at a silly comic in print format, please purchased a copy of this fine book of complete nonsense and fun! Just click on the Paypal button and buy one. Or two.


Beaver Butt book

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