Well, it looks like Beaver Butt and his good pal Log are taking a vacation. A hiatus perhaps. And maybe even taking a bow for a curtain call of ending the strip. I don’t know for sure yet. But I do know the strip needs a break. The ideas for gags and stories are drying up, and I think the latest few comics of Beaver Butt showed it. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop drawing a strip, or you’ll stop seeing Beaver Butt and Log. I’m sure they’ll pop up somewhere, either in another strip or a guest appearance. But they will be around every now and then, at least until the Beaver Butt strip comes back or until it ends. Whichever comes first.

In the meantime, I’ll still be drawing the Buffalo Breath comic strip, and developing some new ideas for a new simpler strip that I think might be fun as well.

Whatever happens, I’ll let you know on this page.

Thanks for reading. And I hope you follow my other strip, Buffalo Breath, on my Twitter and G+  account. Who knows, you just may see a new Beaver Butt comic.

Best wishes, -Ski





One Response to “SEE YA AROUND”

  1. Tony McGurk Says:

    Yikes!!! I’ll miss the farty fellow

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