5 years BB anversary

This week, on April 2nd, marks the 5th year that I have been drawing Beaver Butt comics. From the worst written jokes to somewhat clever punchlines, Beaver Butt has been a fun character and a good pal to draw. But even with his nonchalant care-free toots and half-witted wisdom, Beaver Butt has also been at times an aggravation to write for.  With many days and even weeks of just wanting to stop the strip and move on to something else, it was sometimes hard to move forward. But since I was not creating a Beaver Butt comic every day and was on a weekly schedule (most of the time), I was able to continue and try to come up with something that would hopefully give the readers a laugh, or at least a chuckle.  And at times, I think I accomplished just that.

From the start of this comic and up to now, many things have come from drawing our friend, Beaver Butt. From attending conventions and promoting books to meeting other cartoonists online and in person. It has been a blast. There has even been a few spin-off’s from the characters in the comic. Including a giant as wielding wooden giant and a bad breath buffalo.

Five years of doing a comic may not be a long time to some, but for myself, it’s a small achievement and something I’m proud of. And I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of drawing Beaver Butt.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Beaver Butt comics, I’ll be posting a silly drawing of Beaver Butt tooting each day this week. Yes – tooting. Not exactly something you would see from a comic strip character, but that’s what Beaver Butt does the best. Check the post on Twitter each day this week and see some odd, if not strange toots from Beaver Butt.

Thanks for reading and here’s to another 5 years.

2 Responses to “5 YEARS OF STINK!”

  1. Tony McGurk Says:

    Congratulations Ski on BB’s 5th comicversary. I always enjoy you offerings here. Sometimes I look back & think that I should’ve stuck with my original webcomic “Ratbags” with my 2 Rat characters Barry & Cedric rather than changing to a different idea at times.

    • ski Says:

      Thanks Tony. You could always go back to “Ratbags” that was always just on temporary hiatus (hint, hint). But sometimes we need to just move on to something else too. There’s nothing wrong that .
      By the way, I like that term – comicversary. Why didn’t I think of that. :)

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