Did Beaver Butt’s good pal and buddy – Log,  just become the most amazing super strong muscular chunk of wood that there could ever be??


No. He’s still Log.

But if you don’t know, I have been working on another comic called “Legends of Log”. And yes, it does feature a log. A log with an ax! A log that yells “TIMBERRRR!”

And right now there’s a Kickstarter going on to help fund the cost of this amazing book.

Which leads me to this. I just can’t concentrate on Beaver Butt comics right now. The Legends of Log comic book is so time consuming  with marketing and trying to promote the book. It’s tiring.

I just would not be doing good Beaver Butt comics if I even tried. I would be rushing and not thinking and it would be way worst than what it is now.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing all my attention on this Kickstarter. Beaver Butt will return.

You can see more about the Legends of Log at the Kickstarter site:


The Legends of Log website is at : http://www.legendsoflog.com

Thanks and see you in a few weeks.


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