It’s done and completed.

The first Beaver Butt and Log appearance was at the Las Vegas comic Expo 2013. It was a fun experience and I’m glad that Beaver Butt and Log were part of it. I sold some books and met some really nice expo visitors I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It was a fun time watching people walk up to the table and say… ” What the??…. BEAVER BUTT??” … and getting a small chuckle and laugh from it. Mission accomplished.

I met some really nice and terrific artist as well. Like Lonnie Millsap who does some really funny gag comics, Justin Gloyd of The Other Blue, Ramsey from Ninjicken who had a really awesome display. The guys from Splatter Comics, Caleb King of Surreality comics and Joel Gomez who’s a comic book artist and does really awesome drawings from Marvel, DC and others.
Plus some other terrific artist as well.

Below are some pictures of the Beaver Butt and Log table at the Las Vegas Comic Expo  and I guess it came out okay. Who know. But overall, it was a fun experience, I’m glad I had it.




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