This week I wanted to let you know that I’ll be at the Las Vegas Comic Expo in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada with Beaver Butt on Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of Sept. at the Riviera Hotel and casino in the convention hall.

I’ll be stinking’ up the place with Beaver Butt merchandise and whatever else I can find that’s suitable for all your Beaver Butt needs. Such as the new Beaver Butt pinback collectors button and yep, the debut of the 2nd book of complete nonsense of  Beaver Butt comics. Plus some free promotional Beaver Butt mini calendars to giveaway.  I’ll also be promoting my other project, Legends Of Log paperback books and the newest mini comic book as well.

So if you happen to be going to Las Vegas this upcoming weekend or better yet, going to the expo, look for myself and Beaver Butt in the artist alley at table 95. We’ll be at the end table next to the center walkway where we can hopefully grab your attention and talk you into buying something off the table. Whether you want it or not.

I’ll also be tweeting with twitter through out the convention as long as the wireless network stays connected for perhaps some interesting images and tweets of the event.

Next week I’ll be giving you a post on how the expo went with some pictures and what have you. Which means this week and next week, no new Beaver Butt comics. Think of it as a vacation for just not me, but as for you too.  As you won’t have to endure any stinking smells from your computer screen for the next two weeks.

So I hope to see you there and meet some Beaver Butt comic readers.

Just remember, if I do any thing wrong, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

See you there!  :)



2 Responses to “LAS VEGAS COMIC EXPO 2013”

  1. Gerard Says:

    Good luck at the convention.

    Stink the place up!

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