BEAVER BUTT comic #147

beaver butt comic 147


Get it? Monkey on my back. Ha. ……

So there was supposed to be a big announcement this week, but I think it would be best if I finish this wrestling story going on right now with the Stinky Avenger,  Beaver Butt.  There should be a few more weeks left till the ending to this, so when that happens, the big announcement will happen. Thanks to all who keep sticking around for the comic. And please stick around for the big announcement. Use glue if you have too. 

4 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #147”

  1. Togotooner Says:

    Big announcement?! Do I sense the big announcement that Flatworm Frank is about to have his own series? I knew it!!

    or….maybe it’s time for Log to step up and be the lead character in his own series?

    • beaver butt Says:

      I think your second choice might be a better clue to the big announcement, – kind of. Although I haven’t announced it on the site yet, you might get a bigger hint by checking my twitter profile on my twitter page.

      • Togotooner Says:

        Looks really cool! Very nice. I wish they offered a sneak peak of the interior pages to get an idea of what it will look like. Many folks won’t buy books without a glance inside. I’m sure it will be great!

      • ski Says:

        I guess maybe the website doesn’t really explain what it is, so I’ll have to fix that. But just to let you know, it’s a novel, an actual book with a story. It doesn’t have comics or funny pictures. Just a bunch of words on paper. But all those words make up a great story about Log. A completely different Log.
        I’ll have to get some interior pages of all those words up on the site for a sample for people to read. I could see where people coming from the Beaver Butt site would think it’s maybe a comic or something.
        Anyhow, thanks for the comment Togotooner. When you get a chance, visit that site again and hopefully I’ll have some interior pages of the book up.

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