Hey look! Its Flatworm Frank in his first case ever. “The Clue”.

FUN FACT:  Most flatworms have no anus ( that’s butt for all you laymen out there ).   And although flatworms use a mouth to eat, they have a big problem with the food that they don’t digest. It has to go somewhere. So the only place that is…yep, you guessed it. Back out the mouth . Ewwww!  Now that’s a Fun Fact! And it’s true.


  1. tdolce Says:

    I love Flatworm Frank! Very Cool!

  2. tdolce Says:

    You need yo let Frank have his own page and strip!!

  3. Todd Dolce Says:

    Cool,…I’ll be waiting. At least Flatworm’s butt won’t stink like a certain other comic character’s that will remain nameless. Can’t wait for more Frank!

    • ski Says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      Not sure when there will be another Flatworm Frank. Busy on some other projects that are coming up out soon. But I’ll try to squeeze another one in sometime.

  4. Fun Shway Says:

    I like this Flatworm Frank, and I’ve been reading Beaver Butt for years. Good work, cartoonist!

    • ski Says:

      Glad you like that squirmy worm detective, Flatworm Frank. Can’t say there will be another comic of Flatworm Frank. But I really should try to get another one out.
      Thanks for your comment Fun Shway. And thanks for hanging in there and reading Beaver Butt all these years.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Oooooooh,….something tells me that Flatworm is starting to develop a fan club here!!!!

    • ski Says:

      The Flatworm Frank Fan Club. I like the sound of that. Tell you what guys, if I get 3 more visitors for a total of 5 visitors, that say they enjoy Flatworm Frank – Private Eye Detective… I ‘ll do another comic that’s a little more involved with the cases of Flatworm Frank.

  6. Wyatt Says:

    Please!!!! Bring Flatworm to the masses! This HAS to happen!

  7. KD Burke Says:

    It’s got my vote too! I say DO it!!!!

  8. ski Says:

    Wow! That’s awesome guys. I’m really surprised you would want another Flatworn Frank comic. I didn’t think anyone else out there was interested. But I guess I was wrong.

    So it looks like I only need 1 more visitor to make it happen for a total of 5 visitors. 5 visitors that would like to see another Flatworm Frank comic.
    Will it happen???

  9. Rick Says:

    OK,…start drawing! I vote Frank!!

    • ski Says:

      Ha ha ha ha! Alright, you guys win. I’ll have one by next week. Thanks guys for your input. Here comes Flatworm Frank – Private Eye Detective!

  10. Fidelia Says:

    I personally had to share this article, “FLATWORM FRANK: PRIVATE EYE DETECTIVE Beaver Butt” together with my personal friends on facebook .
    com. I actuallymerely wished to disperse ur fantastic publishing!

    Thanks, Harley

  11. Todd Says:

    I’m getting ready for the next Flatworm strip!

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