Hello long time Beaver Butt readers. Thanks for sticking around and thinking “What the crap?  When is there going to be another Beaver Butt comic?!?” Well, good fortune has shone its big fat ugly head from the depths of my dull ink stained pen and TA-DAAAA!  Yep! That’s right! There’s a new Beaver Butt comic right there. Right there above this paragraph. Isn’t it swell? Sure it is! And there will be a new Beaver Butt comic every week. Plus, there’s plans in the works to bring you not just more Beaver Butt comics every week but also give you more of my other crappy comics that you can enjoy and share with all your friends. Isn’t life great? Ahhh, the sound of joyfulness never sounded so good. So start laughing your butt off with this weeks Beaver Butt comic.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Another comic strip series in addition to Beaver Butt?!?!?! This HAS to happen! No ifs, ands or “Butts”

    I loved that Bear! “GRIZZ” or GRIZZLE (sounds like that chewy part of the meat that nobody likes to eat) comes to mind!

    Glad to see your back! I was hoping that you had Comic#2 out.

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