BEAVER BUTT comic #94


3 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #94”

  1. ski Says:

    Ah… Time for a relaxing evening out at the theater.
    But could this have been the first time Beaver Butt and Log ever met?
    Are we seeing the first comic of a new story of how are two pals became pals?
    Or is this just another silly comic of Beaver Butt and Log?

    I would go with the second guess.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Log and the Beav have met for the first time many times now.

  3. ski Says:

    Shhhhhhh! You’re giving away the secrets of the comic.
    Nice going.
    But then again you might have something.

    Could this be a day ja fu? A time warp that goes over and over?

    Oh mannnn… I have to stop watching those sci-fi shows.

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