BEAVER BUTT comic #62



3 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #62”

  1. ski Says:

    I was flipping channels on T.V. and came across an old “war” movie. I only watched for a few minutes, but it was just enough to get me in the mood to do a Beaver Butt “war” comic.

    There just may be something to flipping channels and watching T.V. after all. :)

  2. Togotooner Says:

    That strip really “stunk!!”

    Nice job Ski! Love the way this strip is progressing!

  3. ski Says:

    Thanks Togotooner.
    Although the strip may be progressing in some way or the other. I can’t guarantee it won’t fall back down to its bad standards of cartooning.
    But which ever way it goes. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
    It helps a lot.

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