BEAVER BUTT comic #56



3 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #56”

  1. ski Says:

    Who would’ve of known that Beaver Butt was actually holding a Woodchuck Chucky doll?

    Okay, I did.
    But now you know too. And now the most scariest is yet to come. It’s the terror of the next few strips. But be brave Scooby Doo’s. Hang in for your Halloween Haunt and prepare to be SCARED!

  2. Togotooner Says:

    I’m quaking in my boots! That’s quaking, not quacking,…if I were quacking, then that would mean that I’m a duck. Man,…I just keep quacking myself up! That’s quacking, not quaking…if I were quaking then…oh never mind!

  3. ski Says:

    I just got real dizzy reading that Togotooner.
    So dizzy, I’m walking around knocking things over. Guess I better DUCK under this table.

    Yeah, that was cheesy.

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