BEAVER BUTT comic #45

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6 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #45”

  1. ski Says:

    Funny? Uhhh I have no idea. But this could be a new character for the comic. Bee Butt.
    Get it? Cause see, there’s Beaver Butt… and then there would be Bee Butt. Funny, right??

    Alright, I’m going to go sleep it off. That bee honey just gets me so drunk.

  2. TPhillips Says:

    That just “stings”….but I get the “point.” Sorry,..I’ll “buzz” off now.

  3. ski Says:

    Good ones Tphillips.
    You’re going to have to start writing the gags here.

  4. TPhillips Says:

    OK OK,….You talked me into it……I guess I need to start putting my strip out there. I need to bring BOING! back too I guess! But only if you promise to read my strip listen to the podcast!!

    I was tired of just entertaining my mom.

  5. ski Says:

    I knew I could talk you into it somehow. But yes, do the strip. I promise to read your strip even if I hate it, just because it will be better then mine.

    By the way – This is your mom.

  6. Togotooner Says:

    You “crack” me up! Sorry,…..there I go again with the Beaver Butt humor.

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