BEAVER BUTT comic #42

beaver butt comic 42

Read my comment on this Beaver Butt comic under the comments.

3 Responses to “BEAVER BUTT comic #42”

  1. ski Says:

    As I’ve found out. If you can’t figure something out the first time. Try and try again.
    Or in some cases, just get the instruction booklet. But then again, instructions are for squares.

  2. TPhillips Says:

    Usually I get bored sifting through the countless number of pages that are written in foreign languages in the instruction booklet, so I rip it up and throw it away. Then there’s the instructional DVD’s. Yeah right,….I barely ever go to the instruction booklet,…so now you expect me to pop in a DVD and actually watch how to assemble and use your product?

    Love the Beaver Butt…..although he’s the “butt” of so many jokes.
    What’s the news on the strip? C’mon!!! Let us all in on the big news!!!

    • ski Says:

      HaHa TPhillips,
      Know just what you mean. Reading instruction manuals and booklets drive me crazy. I may build and assemble the item wrong, but as long as it stands, moves or works, hooray! Thats good enough for me.
      (Except for the one time when I put together that unicycle and the seat came off when i was riding it…. oooooouch!! Not good, not good at all )

      As for the news… I just posted it. Take a look.

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